2011 Introductions
Wallingford Woolly Bully-Howard 2011

"I LOVE that flower!!!!!    It sent up 3 scapes this summer."~Judy from California

"So happy I purchased this from you! It was spectacular in the garden"~Mike from Niagra

"we thought you would like to know that the subject daylily that we bought from you in late
Sept last year is doing great and in fact is reblooming for the third time.  I really think it is
continuous bloom as a new scape shows up right behind the one blooming now"~John B in

6.5"/24",M,Dor,Tet--Bridgeton Geometry X Forestlake Ragamuffin-Three branches and 18 buds. First
blooms are over 7".In the summer of 2011 established clumps had better branching than registered (see
above) and an average of 22 buds and a height of 31"Honey wheat blend with yellow halo and toothy edge
on petals and sepals.

This looks  like one of Brother Charles' intros that "glow".The seedlings from WWB have been very nice.
See below.I am loving the "crested" look on some. We have had nine intros from WWB i Four are pictured

Named for our Australian Shepherd that we lost in March 2007,who had a personality and a half. He was
bratty and lovable,playful and confident,  and I miss him every day....$40
Wallingford Woolly Bully
Howard 2011
Checking out the UPS truck
WWB seedlings
Close up of My Ruffy