Shipping-- We normally ship domestically via priority mail which arrives in 2-3 days. We usually
ship on Mon,Tues, Wed or Sat. The objective is not to have a plant arrive on the weekend so it
might sit in the PO until Monday. Shipping on Sat. is fine since the mail does move on weekends.
Shipping is $10.00 for one-three plants. Add $1 for each additional plant after three.

APPROVED TO SHIP TO THE EU AND JAPAN We will ship to any country as long as their
are no special requirements.
We charge $25 for a phytosanitary inspection.. It is a bit of a hassle
to do the necessary paperwork and we require a
$250 min order internationally. We will not ship
to any country that requires any special permits from their agricultural  jurisdiction. Payment in US
funds only for international orders-check, money order (made out to Richard Howard), or PayPal
(preferred). International priority mail to Europe may take a week to ten days--sometimes longer .
. International  Priority Mail is about one-third the price of DHL or UPS, but
tracking info is limited. We will ship via any means  you wish. We have found that cutting back the
foliage significantly,and trimming the roots seems to work best for global shipping but will pack
them any way you wish.

We have shipped to the following countries: Canada, France, Norway,Sweden,United Kingdom,
Latvia, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland,The Netherlands, Lithuania,Poland,Russia,Pakistan and


Images. Click on any daylily image to see a larger version. Images may be used only with the
express permission of Ctdaylily, LLC.  Some photos were taken by me in my garden or
greenhouse with a point and shoot digital camera--or my cell phone. I am not very good at
photography so in most cases the flowers are prettier than shown.  Some images are used with the
permission of others. I try to use my own images because sometimes plants look different in one's
garden than in the catalogs. If I don't have an image, or if the image I have is not representative of
how the flower really looks in my garden I try to find one that I feel is appropriate. I believe every
image I have used on this site is with the permission of the image owner. If you see your image and
I have somehow neglected to ask your permission, please tell me and I will remove it. If you have
an image of one I do not have, please feel free to send it to me! If you want to use an image--ask
first--it may not be mine to give permission!
Ctdaylily-Northern grown daylilies
Sales Info
Additional order info

Your e-mail and our acknowledgement are the written record of your order. We will
sometimes send you back an excel file for larger orders. All are double fans (two plants-
may or not be attached) unless noted single (S) or clumps (3 fans min). I have tried to use
the year of introduction instead of the year of registration because I feel this has more
meaning for most buyers. The AHS database uses the year of registration so you will see
differences in the listings accordingly.

Mailing address:
Rich Howard
76 Anderson Rd.
Wallingford, CT 06492
tel: (203) 294-9520


S=single fan-one plant  
Clump=multiple fans-at least 3--maybe 4,5 or more
Disp=Display-not for sale now but probably will be in the future
Dor=dormant foliage habit(note-foliage habit is not an indicator of hardiness)
Ev=evergreen foliage habit
Sev=semi-evergreen foliage habit ( foliage partially recedes in winter)
Fall=not expected to be available until late summer or fall 2015
Disp=display only-inquire as to availability
Double form-having extra petals resulting in a "fuller" appearance
Polytepal=a daylily displaying an extra set of petals and sepals-also called polymerous
Re=registered as a rebloomer -may not do so in all areas
=flower parts are all same color
Spider=a flower with petal length is at least 4 times its width
UFO=unusual form-simply put,spidery types with unusual looking petals or sepals

Plant size/Guarantee
Size is a sensitive topic among many daylily collectors—me included.In addition to other
factors (including light, water and nutrition) daylilies need to reach a certain threshold size
to bloom. It is important to realize that for different daylilies this threshold size varies.
Many spiders and UFO’s naturally make smaller plants. Likewise for many of the small
diploid rebloomers like Stella.De Oro.

We believe that the plants we send are comparable in size and quality to most we have
received.  Having said that, we are not perfect. Recent summers have had extreme heat
and little rain at times and some plants we sent out were smaller than usual.  
If you ever
are unhappy with a plant we send you for any reason please let us know and we will
do whatever it takes to make it right.
To see a complete list of AHS accepted terms click here
I have  included some images of scapes that I thought exhibited good plant habits-branching,bud
count,etc. Most of what I grow is in pots which can limit the branching etc. So you could expect
better performance than what I have.

If our image does not always match the description exactly, please don't be too surprised. Plants can
look different in different gardens due to PH or other variances. If you lived in Florida instead of
Maine you might look different too!

I apologize for any errors on these pages. Please let us know of any you find.I am not a professional
web designer by any stretch of the imagination and suspect I may have a few typos and mistakes on
them. Thanks!

"I just had to write to tell you how well the plants you sent are doing. They never
missed a beat, never sulked or dwindled as so often happens with plants from the deep
south.  One already has a second fan.  They took off growing as well or better than any
plants I can recall."-Fran Harding,  Forestlake Gardens,Virginia

"Plant arrived today (Monday) in SUPERB condition. You need to give me an education on
how to properly grow Daylilies."-Bob Carr,Ocala,FL

"These are the best looking flowers we have received this whole year and we have received a
lot of them!!!!   The roots were still moist and the top had not yellowed at all.    This is how I
hope my flowers arrive looking but I know, as I said from experience, that most folks do not
go to this much trouble.   We really appreciate it"
-Janis Wesson,Crossett,AR

"The plants you sent me this year did the best of all that came in. They established quickly,
and all look great going into winter."-Greg Bogard,NC

"they did arrive yesterday……..all in mint condition.
Quality of the plants is excellent.I very much appreciate the extra's you have added."-Gerrit
Snoek--The Netherlands

"Of all the ones that I ordered and traded last spring and summer, yours were the biggest and
the best, I just want to know how soon you will be taking orders for 2010?? Thanks"--Bev
Scott, Nilwood, Illinois

"..the plants I received from you last season did very well. Everything grew like gangbusters"--
Rex Beissel, Maine

"Daylilies that I got from you this spring are doing great. All have bloomed and are just as
big as the ones i got from Florida this spring...You have great plants and seeds too. I always
look at what you have for sale. I work too hard to waste money on bad plants or seeds."--
David Carter,South Carolina
Landscapers and Mass Plantings-We have thousands of seedlings from our hybridizing
efforts that are field grown and available for sale. These are northern hardy plants and ideal for filling
in large areas. Daylilies are excellent for erosion control and bank stabilization. These are available
for $5 per clump(3-10 fans).  Mixed colors and blooming times.I cannot guarantee what color on any
of these will be if you get them when not in bloom. The $5 per clump price is for "dig your own"
                                                Basic Info
  • Minimum Domestic order is $50
  • Shipping is $10 for first three plants. Add $1 for each additional plant after three.
  • We take PayPal, money orders,or checks. For first time buyers your check must
    clear before I will ship. You can use your credit card via PayPal.
  • See below for International shipping guidelines.
  • Please e-mail  to check on availability before sending payment. We do not have
    an on-line order form.
  • We will ship from April 15--Nov.1, weather dependent .Dormants may be smaller
    in early April
  • We include bonus plants with all orders. This may mean extra fans of the daylily  
    you have ordered, or of a different plant of our choice. If you ask for specific
    bonuses we will try to accommodate you. You stand a better chance with a longer
    list than asking for one or two specific plants.
  • We also sell on the daylily auction site. We have many seeds we sell there as well
    as plants. These are seeds from many of the newest introductions. See: http://www.