Job Creator--Howard 2015

(Look Into My Eyes X Cobraskin Necktie)
6"/37"--MLa, Dor,Tet
4 branches--22 buds

Lilac/purple bi-tone with darker watermark ,cream-pink sepals and yellow-green throat. Fertile
both ways. This is our third intro from Curt's Cobraskin Necktie. At the risk of sounding like
Forrest Gump,, If you want seedlings with good branching-use parents with good branching.
Look Into My Eyes has always been my favorite introduction from Ron Valente, who was from
Maine. I have long thought that crossing appliques with patterns can lead to some very cool
results and here is one of them. This one makes you stop and take a second look. At last-a
job creator you can count on! With the additional benefits of trickle down pollination, you can
add this job creator to your patterned/applique program.......$60