Club orders and Daylily talks
We have given presentations at various clubs and venues around the country,and in Canada.
Events have included the 2016 National Convention in Kentucky,the 2015 National Convention in
Atlanta, LIlyhemmer, the mid-winter symposium in Tennessee, the Can-Am, and many clubs. We
are flexible about arrangements and will try to accommodate what works best for you. You are
forewarned that at some point(s) during the talk you will be seeing images of our dogs-lol!

We are generous with club orders,as long as paid with a club check. We have learned that different
clubs have different expectations, and it is best we communicate about this before you place a club
order. We prefer that an order be at least for $500 and we will send at least an equal value in bonus
plants(our choice).If you allow us to select
all the plants we will be even more generous. We will bill
you for actual shipping costs.