2016 and prior Introductions
Angels In Newtown*
Doctor Feelgood*
Explosion in the Paint
Jealous Sky*
Joo-joo Eyeball*
Rorschach Test*
Wallingford Bling-bling*
Witchy Woman*
Smoke On The Water*
Binders Of Women*
Miss Mandi Mae*
Waggle Dance*
incense and Peppermints
Yankee Pinstripes
Pawprints On My Heart*
Augie Krupien
Wallingford Woolly Bully*
Memorial To Jared*
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* denotes Tet
Big Dog*
Don't Call Me
Geordi's Blue Eye*
Job Creator*
Polar Vortex*
The Bird is The Word*
Tramps Like Us
Wiggle Butt*
A Charm Of Hummingbirds
Dipped in Pink*
Gender Equality*
Green is Good
Miss Atomic Bomb*
Mr. Tangerine Man*
Pink Werewolf*
Second Star to The Right
Simple Twist of Fate
The Year Of The Shark*
The Bride of Dracula*
Treetop Lover*
You Can Leave Your Hat On