You're Fired!

Howard 2018
(Bridgeton Hot Stuff X Orange Clown)  X Firebird Suite
6"/38" ML,Dor,Tet
3 way branching-15 buds
Orange-red unusual form cascade. Fertile both ways. Nice bright color on a tall scape.

It has not been a good year for job security in high places. I find the term "You're Fired" interesting.

I found one reference on the web that says that the history behind saying, "you're fired," actually stems from
olden times when the only way for a settlement to get rid of somebody (short of killing them) was to burn their
house down.  

Another reference says the likeliest origin is that it's a play on words, as "discharge" has two meanings, "to
dismiss a person" and "to fire a projectile.

In any event,it's a phrase that has been used a lot recently in our nation's capitol. Is Rex next? You can
memorialize these turbulent times for only....