You'll Poke Your Eye Out

                                                             Howard 2021

                      ((Wallingford Woolly Bully x Voracious Vixen) x  Deadliest Catch)
                                                4 way branching,22 buds

Pale violet red with toothy edge and slight midribs with intermittent cresting, with toothy petaloid tissue. So glad I
finally have enough to introduce this late blooming beauty. Fertile both ways.Thanks Tom Polston for introducing
Deadliest Catch--such a good parent.

The look goes back to our Wallingford Woolly Bully,which throws a lot of these toothy cresting kids. Stats were taken
this year in near drought conditions and may be better in most years.

This was a phrase my parents would use when I was engaged in any sort of activity that might result in damage to
my eyes. It was made famous in the movie "A Christmas Story". I have not poked an eye out--yet.