Wiggle Butt--Howard 2015

(Wigglesworth X Papa Smurf)
3-4 branches--20 buds

Medium orchid with darker halo,white edge,mid ribs and veining, with a yellow throat and
twisting on all segments. There's a lot going on here. Petals can cascade,spatulate or twist. If
you are hybridizing UFo's you really are missing out if you are not using Bob Schwarz'
Wigglesworth. What a wonderful parent! It imparts plant habit and movement (twisting,etc).
Beautiful wide-spaced branching on a tall tet Ufo with clean colors.

Wiggle Butt is named for those wonderful Australian Sheperds who have their tails bobbed so
instead of wagging their tails--they wag their butts. The look is both hilarious and