Words from Tommy Maddox
Tom is a gentleman from Mississippi whom I "met" through our mutual interest in
daylilies.He has a unique way of putting things and a  style that  is his own.Here are a
few tidbits from Tom on various topics as posted to the AHS robin, used with Tom's
Tom on various topics:

Being in South Mississippi, at the present I am digging up
clumps, taking apart, cutting off the least amount of roots I can, these I
will be selling. It is a little early for this but DOG Days are over. They
are planted with a mixture of chicken poop and alfalfa. They have it tilled
in,  then spread underneath, down the sides, everywhere I can put it. You do
have to be careful about putting a handful underneath it's belly. Belly
reminds me about the time I told this prospect of buying one of my Daylilies
at the farmers market about the Mama and Papa of Daylilies. He wanted to
know how you could tell which was which. I told him to wash all the dirt
off, turn it upside down and it would be evident. I ask him later how it
worked out, he said," It's easy once you know what you're looking for".
"Told You".

  I believe one of the biggest hurdles in hybridizing is finding a
good pod parent. I have come to believe if the pod parent is pretty (what
you like, round with blunt sepals) and you do a long cross with a pretty
pollen parent (that you like), you should get some pretty keepers. If you
are only planting say 10 seeds or less in a cross you would have to get very
lucky to get a good keeper. If you plant 50 or 100 seeds of a cross with
good parents I believe your chances of getting something better than either
parent is very good. Ugly will propagate ugly just about every time. The
same thing is true with goats, if you sit down and eat an ugly goat you will
more than likely get sick. Pretty goats won't make you sick. That's why
people get upset stomachs when they eat out, they ate a steak from an ugly
cow. Maybe someday they will be required to put a picture of the cow right
there on the package. This is another reason I still might sue my teachers I
can't keep on track of what I am saying or doing. My teachers may all be
dead, especially the ones with blue hair that drove blue four door
Plymouths. They were all over a hundred 65 years ago so they may have all
gone through the line already, except the pretty ones who may now have blue
hair now and drive blue Plymouths. No wonder I can't get anything done I am
always forgetting what I was trying to do.

  Never laugh at or make fun of somebody who fights with tree limbs.
Never marry a girl who is bigger and stronger than you are. Never marry a
girl you can't outrun, learned that the hard way. Women are much too strong
for their size than they need to be. Never marry a girl you pick up in a bar
unless her Daddy owns the bar. Never get a divorce unless you are sure you
would still be happy with half your stuff and none of your money.

  Remember the folks that are ill, our country, and the Volunteers who
protect your kister every day....Gotta Go...

Tom on Hearing Aids

"     I got my new hearing aids yesterday. I don't remember the world being such
a noisy place. I forgot birds still sing so loud. I have not got use to all
the sounds yet. I could hear, just what little I wanted too. I told Joyce
that I didn't remember her being so noisy. I was eating pop corn for supper
last night and I told Joyce that I think I should call our neighbor and
apologize for making all the noise chomping on my pop corn.  When I swallow
something I can hear it hit bottom, that is sure new. Of course Joyce said
will all the padding around my middle she was surprised I could hear any
sound get out. I like to turn the TV down so low no one can hear and tell
her, "It's still a little loud for me". She forgets sometimes I have them
and talks so loud, the neighbor must surely know what I thought about most
of them. I guess I have no secrets. There were times today the solitude I
was basking in, was sorely missed. I believe if I lived alone I would park
these rascals for longer stays. The preacher will have to use somebody else
for preaching material now that I can hear him."
Tom on getting older:

" I never forgive anybody any more, I can't remember what they did. That's
one good thing about growing older you have less friends to put up with.
People don't like to hang around people over 70 and people over 70 just seem
not to mind. Joyce went to get her hair cut, it was about to run her crazy,
in fact I think I sent her. She always comes back in a better mood. One time
I sent her twice in one week. Her memory is almost as bad as mine. She came
back in a better mood that's what counts.

Tom On Hot Dogs:

Have you ever cooked a hot dog in a microwave for 10
minutes, I have. If you try to punch in 10 seconds.. don't punch in 10
minutes. A hot dog that has been cooked 10 minutes does not look like
something that you should eat.