The Year Of The Shark
                                                   Howard 2016

(Bass Gibson X Fantastic Fringe)
15 buds,2-3 way branching

Crimson self with yellow throat,green heart and very toothy gold edge with
tendrils and hooks..the first day I saw this in the seedling beds I could not believe
I had created something this toothy. I was always concerned about introducing
something with only 15 buds and sold a couple of fans as a seedling, I kept
getting requests to register it--so I did. The lower left image was taken very late in
the day--wish I had seen how big the teeth were that day earlier. It has bigger
teeth than most of the toothy ones I have ordered --most at a higher price. Fertile
both ways......Disp
The Yaer of The Shark X
All Things to All Men