The Crazy Plant Lady

            Howard 2018
Webster's Aggie X BJ MacMillen
5 way branching,34 buds
Medium violet red unusual form crispate-cascade with large yellow-green throat .Good pollen,pods require
persistence. Sib to last year's yellow UFo, A Convocation of Eagles

Do you know anyone who spends every spare moment gardening,or attending club meetings,or planning her
shopping trips so she happens to go by the local nursery? Perhaps she makes 5 times as many daylily seeds
as she can plant,or has a greenhouse--maybe even a golf cart for traversing her gardens, that takes up a bay
in her garage while her kids' cars stay outside in the elements. Yes-she is The Crazy Plant Lady. Her neighbors
gawk as she is out pulling weeds at 6 am in the middle of summer to avoid the mid-day heat. She moves
plants around repeatedly to achieve a desired effect. Perhaps she drags friends to daylily conventions,and they
willingly go because her enthusiasm is contagious,and it makes you feel special to be engulfed in her passion
for plants. At first frost she is already planning next season's gardening activities and thinking of ways to better
track her ever-growing inventory of plants. She will ask nicely for cuttings or prolifs of anything she likes, and is
equally generous in sharing. She will help out whatever club(s) she belongs to in various ways. If you have
friends like this,perhaps you too are a crazy plant lady!

This intro is dedicated to all you crazy plant ladies who make life just a little better for the rest of us. Thank you!
Excellent plant habit--check out the branching in the upper right image.