Space Cowboy

Howard 2018
Joo Joo Eyeball X Barcode
5"/30" MRe,Sev,Tet
3 way branching,20 buds
Dusty Rose with medium violet red patterned eye and slight edge. Fertile both ways. Pattern will vary a bit. Our first
introduction from our Joo Joo Eyeball,which was a cross of Tet Ben Lee X Slipped My Disco. On a good day the patterned
sepals really pop.

There are some problems with today's patterns. A consistent look is one. Some people apparently don't see this as an
issue. During a panel discussion at the National in Virginia in 2017 some prominent hybridizers noted that they like seeing
the blooms look just a little different each day.I do not.

Here in the North, consistent patterns with hardiness and branching have been difficult for me to achieve.I have gotten
some pretty patterns from crossing two Southern bred daylilies,but these seedlings have been mostly top branched.
Perhaps in the South they would have better branching. The best results I have seen are from using Northern bred patterns
as one of the parents. Space Cowboy and our
Polar Vortex have given me some good keepers with consistent patterns
and branching. Below are the first two seedlings I have bloomed from Space Cowboy. Both had good branching,and while it
is not a large enough sample to give an accurate forecast,my hopes are high!

Space Cowboy was a song by The Steve Miller band. 2019 will mark 50 years since its release (Yikes!) If you are near my
age and recall such phrases as Pompatus and Gangster of Love,well this one's for you.

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