Rock and Roll Music

Howard 2019
(Ruffled Strawberry Parfait x Wild Hair)
5.75"/34"  MLa,Dor,Tet
4way branching,25 buds
Pink with a toothy,feathered edge. Fertile both ways and quite pretty.

An interesting cross of Tom Polston's Wild Hair back crossed onto its parent,Ruffled Strawberry
Parfait. Vigorous plants.

We all should have some things we are passionate about to make life more fulfilling. Those on my list
include dogs, daylilies--and rock and roll music.

My father loved music,but he was not a fan of this genre. When I was young he would complain
about the "crap" the stations were playing. Now I say much the same about a lot of today's music-lol-
I guess it's history repeating itself.

I do think there are a few good bands out there today making music with staying power.