Put On Your Dancin' Shoes

              Howard  2020
Polar Vortex X Totem and Taboo
     6.5”/28” MLa,Dor,Tet
        2-3 way—15 buds

Light pink with a complex patterned eye. Fertile both ways. I have gotten some cool seedlings from
both of the parents. The pattern on this one will vary. Like many, it seems more prominent in cooler
weather. I think that in time patterns will become more consistent after generations of pattern on
pattern breeding. I have high hopes for its kids.

Put On Your Dancin’ Shoes has a who’s who of hybridizers in its background—
De Caire’s Four Beasts in One (parent of her Totem and Taboo), Moldovan’s Vertical Horizon and
Emmerich’s Stout Medal winner Entwined in the Vine. If you are breeding for Northern patterns this one
is a good addition to your arsenal.

The name comes from a 1979 song by Nigel Olsson,who was a drummer and backing vocalist with
Elton John.