Polar Vortex--Howard-reg 2014

(Vertical Horizon X Entwined in the Vine)
6.5"/31"--4 branches-22 buds

Pale lavender/off-white with large patterned eye of multiple bands of
purple,fuchsia,and magenta on all segments,and green throat. I remember the
first day I saw this one bloom. I was blown away by the look,but the bud count
was not too good. I moved it from the bed it was in that did not get much sun and
was competing with tree roots (common problems for us) and the next year I was
pleasantly surprised when the bud count doubled.

It is fertile both ways and I should see the first kids next summer. The pattern is
consistent and the colors clean. From two excellent daylilies--I am expecting great
things from the kids. Very limited.....$95/SF