Paul John

Howard 2019
Paleo Point x Jealous Sky
6.25"/35"  MLa,Dor,Tet
4 way branching,20 buds
Dark magenta with plum halo and yellow green throat, variegated foliage approximately thirty percent
of the time .Fertile both ways. Very limited. The foliage seems to go back and forth from variegated
to non-variegated--very strange .Sometimes the blooms appear more lavender than shown.

This the first introduction from Scott's Paleo Point,a very good performer here with an appliqued
throat. It has rebloomed 3 times in West Virginia.

Paul John was the son of a friend who left this world too soon. The family has provided me with the
following paragraph:

"Paul John was a kind and gentle soul who loved all living things. As the eldest grandchild on both
sides, he carried the DNA of so many adventuresome spirits, but Paul John was also unique, and to
quote his students “one of a kind.” His love and stewardship of the earth lives on."

It is an honor to be allowed to name this one for him. RIP Paul John.