Mr Tangerine Man-Howard 2016

(Klaatu Barada Nikto X Wallingford Woolly Bully)
4-way branching,28 buds

Tangerine salmon blend/bitone with  toothy edge. Fertile both ways,but pods require
persistence.A large imposing bloom on tall scapes .Another intro from our
Wallingford Woolly Bully.With both Forestlake Ragamuffin and Tet Spindazzle
in its background this is a good one to get height into your teeth program--especially
with the nice bud count. An exciting bloom to enjoy in the jingle jangle morning! Plant
in full sun. With its significant height the large blooms may cause the scpes to lean a
bit if in too much shade. Let this baby cast its dancin' spell your way for.... $75/DF