Incense and Peppermints-Howard 2013
(Stack The Deck x Candy Stripe Mountain)
18 buds,2 branches Light pink rose veined bud-builder Unusual form
crispate-cascade with red halo,patterned eye,and green-yellow throat.

Long live the Strawberry Alarm Clock! The song they recorded Incense and
Peppermints reached #1 on Billboard in 1967,a year I sort of remember. The
psychedelic age was in full swing when Incense and Peppermints became popular.
Some say the song refers to incense that was often burned to mask the smell of
marijuana, and peppermints were used to mask the smoke on a person's breath.I
just liked the song.

Red patterns are rare. Dormant red patterns even more rare. Add in the 7" size and
the consistent look that is not temperature dependent and you can see the
hybridizing potential. I will see some crosses next year with the Carpenter patterns.
It can get a little unruly at times but that only adds to its appeal. $40/DF
Incense and Peppermints X
Kaleidoscope Intrigue--our 2018
intro Hungry Heart
Winner of best UFo at the Valdosta
Flower Show 5-30-15--courtesy of
Jessica Wynn Clinard. Thanks