I Am Woman

Howard 2020
Pink Werewolf X The Dentist
7”/37”  MLa,Re,Dor, Tet
4 way,21 buds
Hot pink with a ruffled, toothy gold edge and yellow green eye zone. Fertile both ways. One of the
parents is Pink Werewolf --a 2016 intro of ours that has been a very good parent.I wrote a bit about it
under the description of Bombogenesis . Nice branching –and it has instant rebloom here in Zone 6
once established.

So why is a guy introducing a daylily with such a name? Quite simply-- I believe we need more
women “in charge”. The name is from a 1971 song by Helen Ready. I was quite surprised that the
name had not been taken already.

When I moved to Connecticut in 1968 there was a law that women could not sit at the bar in a pub—
really. I still wonder what the Legislature was thinking when that law was passed. The law was
changed the following year.

I’d like to say we have come a long way but in many cases women are still considered second class
citizens. Women earn about 79 cents per dollar in this country compared with men for the same job.
This is shameful.

Here is an image of representation on the Senate committee discussing health care a couple of years
ago. What's wrong with this picture? (Hint-where are the females?)

Aside from Congress, which never seems to get anything done, you can look at other male
dominated organizations like the Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church. The problems are rampant.
I won’t even touch on what happens in other countries.

For the last 10 years or so I have only hired females for my business. I have found that females
generally get along better with other employees (and with me) and are more willing to listen to advice.
Most importantly, they care more about getting the job done.

The lyrics of Helen Ready’s song state in part:

“I am woman
I am invincible
I am strong
I am woman”

Let’s get it together and get more females in positions of responsibility—and pay them for it.

OK—off my soapbox. I Am Woman is one of my best this year. Guys—you should buy this one for
your wife and score some points!

PS- just saw this in the news--12-17-19

Research has found that among racially and ethnically diverse countries (characteristics generally
negatively correlated with economic growth due to bias, discrimination and conflict), “female leaders
were significantly more likely than male leaders to have fast-growing economies,” Susan E. Perkins
of the University of Illinois at Chicago Liautaud Graduate School of Business and Katherine W.
Phillips of Columbia Business School wrote in February in Harvard Business Review. Among the
most diverse countries, those led by women had an average of 5.4% gross domestic domestic
product (GDP) growth in the subsequent year, as compared to those led by men, which had an
average of 1.1% GDP growth, according to Perkins and Phillips.

“The important takeaway here,” wrote Perkins and Phillips, “is that female leaders are associated
with economic outcomes that suggest that they may be better able to unlock the benefits of diversity
at the country level than their male counterparts.” (The researchers cited former Liberian President
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen as exemplars.)