I Feel Good!

Howard 2019
All That Jazz at Sunset X Frieda Allen Jerrell
5.5"/30"  MLa,Sev,Tet
3 way branching,15 buds
Blue violet petals with large amethyst watermark and appliqued eye. Fertile both ways. Very pretty!
I'll bloom a bunch of kids next year.

I picked the name because of how the bloom makes me feel -this is one of the prettiest daylilies
I have hybridized. It also is a phrase used frequently by the late Soul singer,James Brown. James
passed away on Christmas 2006--hard to believe it's been that long. He was truly one of a kind.
I was not a real big fan,but he was quite the entertainer. He not only called
himself “the hardest working man in show business.” He also went by “Mr. Dynamite,” “Soul Brother
No. 1,” “the Minister of Super Heavy Funk” and "The Godfather of Soul".

The phrase "I Feel Good" was used in at least two of his songs--"I Got You" and "Living in America".
In a career that lasted 50 years, He influenced the development of several music genres and was  
one cool dude. Yes-he had some run-ins with the law,and was far from perfect,but his
legacy to the world of music was significant.

I'll see some kids next summer--can't wait.