Hungry Heart

Howard 2018
Incense and Peppermints X Kaleidoscopic Intrigue
5.5"/26"  M,Sev,Dip
3 way branching,18 buds
Crimson with lighter complex eye surrounded by darker band,with pronounced mid ribs and lighter
edge. Fertile both ways and a budbuilder. Our first introduction from our Incense and Peppermints.
Good patterned reds are rare and I am so pleased with this one! The slight color differences in the
above images I attribute to being taken in sun and shade.

Some time around 1970 I saw Bruce Springsteen in concert in New Haven. He actually was the
opening act for Richie Havens,whose voice I always loved. I admit at the time I did not see much in
Bruce and the E-Street band. The only song I recall them playing was
Spirits in The Night. He was
sort of quiet and quite different from the Bruce you see today.
Hungry Heart was on his fifth
album,The River,and has a real catchy beat featuring some great piano work. The title is drawn from
a line in Alfred, Lord Tennyson's famous poem "Ulysses": "For always roaming with a hungry heart".