Fran Harding

 Howard 2018
[(Forestlake Lacy Bloomers X Forestlake Ragamuffin) X (Forestlake Pikachu X New Direction)]
4 way branching,27 buds
Fran Harding is the hybridizer of Forestlake Ragamuffin,perhaps the most famous toothy daylily of
all time. It is in the parentage of a remarkable 225 introductions as of Nov 2017. The above image of
Fran was taken in 1997 circa her 50th wedding anniversary.

Her namesake (with her permission of course) is a light yellow/cream blend with a green heart and very
ruffled edge with teeth, horns and tendrils. It also has some sculpting going on. Fertile both ways.I
believe the plant came from seeds I purchased from Fran years ago,or it may have been from some
seedlings she sent me to evaluate.I have never seen, nor grown, one of the parents, Forestlake Pikachu.

I was fortunate to be able to meet Fran's daughters Becky and Laura at the National in Virginia in
2017.They are lovely individuals. Fran's hybridizing was top notch in many areas! Fran is in her 90's and
currently in a nursing home. My interactions with her via e-mail a few years ago were some of the most
memorable experiences daylilies have enabled me to have.

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