Eye of the Beerholder

 Howard 2019
((Bridgeton Hot Stuff x Orange Clown) x Heavenly United We Stand)
6.5"/44"  MLa,Dor,Tet
4 way branching,25 buds
UFO cascade
Crimson UFo cascade with yellow green throat. It looms tall in late summer at the back of the
border,with nice fall colors. Fertile both ways with great branching.

I remember speaking in Nova Scotia in 2017.Many of the gardens grew Gossard's Heavenly United
We Stand. That's when I knew it would likley win the Stout medal (it did).You could spot it at its 51"
height and beautiful color from a long way off.I don't expect this one to win the Stout(lol), but it makes
a great addition to the rear of the border at 44".

It also has some Apps' genetics. Although he is best known for his work with reblooming dips,Darrel
has done plenty of great work in the Tet arena,

I can't remember how I came up with the name. I had it on my list of possible names. I Googled it
and found out it's the name of a country song,but I never heard of the song. Doesn't really matter--it's
a very good daylily.