Explosion In The Paint Factory--Howard 2014    

(Flying Trapeze X Webster's Aggie)
7"/38"--La,Dor, Tet
20 buds,4 branches

Yellow UFo with variable red broken overlay. A hard dormant that goes down early. Fertile both ways.
Will proliferate. I see a few blooms<5%) each year that are solid color, but even those are appealing
because of the twisting of the petals. It was pure luck to get this result, but I am thrilled to see its late
garden display. Very nice wide-spaced branching. The colors will have different patterns on different
days-see below.

The broken color trait may pass on to its seedlings. Several hybridizers have gotten positive results.
I have one selfed seedling from EITPF.

All segments will twist, spatulate and cascade depending on the day. Truly nothing else is like it out
there. It has the plant habit to go with a truly unique bloom,with the bonus of extending the season with
something you can't wait to see each day......
$150/DF---$100/SF--SOLD OUT FOR 2018.
Occasional solid color
Explosion in The Paint
Factory selfed