Executive Time
Howard 2020

Waggle Dance X Cosmic Blast
3 way—15 buds

White with applique eye outlined in purple with purple edge. Fertile both ways.The first intro
from our Waggle Dance, but not the last. Excellent genetics from Hanson, Kinnebrew and
Salter lines. Waggle Dance is a cross of Space Coast Sea Shells from Kinnebrew,and
Hanson's Cobraskin Necktie--two of the best appliques ever. Salter's very cool Cosmic Blast
added some pizzazz.T he notched purple rim that borders the applique will grab your attention.

With appliques, as well as many other types of daylilies, the appeal is frequently with how
good the contrast is. This one has very good contrast.  We all could use a little more
executive time to relax and enjoy life.