(Pawprints on My Heart X (Bali Watercolor X Tet Lola Branham)
                                                   4 way—25 buds

Butterfly Jamboree is a medium orchid bicolor UFo cascade with a darker halo and green throat. Pollen
is good—pods difficult. It is a sib to last year’s Butterfly Stampede. Our Pawprints on my Heart has
been a good parent for early blooming seedlings with good bud count and branching. Tall and a nice
addition to the early garden. The blooms are a little smaller than those of Butterfly Stampede, so they
do not get in each other’s way as easily. A UFo cascade.

This one and its sib are the only two daylilies I am aware of with Tet Lola Branham in their background.

Butterfly Jamboree

Howard 2020