Howard 2020

                                  Ruffled Strawberry Parfait X Pink Werewolf
                                  6”/33”  MLa,Dor,Tet
                                  4 way—20 buds
Light pink bitone with a yellow halo, and toothy gold edge. Fertile both ways. Another intro from our
Pink Werewolf. The genetics from Pink Werewolf go back (in part) to two really good daylilies from
Enman Joiner-Miracle Mama, and its predecessor It's A Miracle. Joiner daylilies have always done well
here--even with their mostly Evergreen heritage. The other parent of Pink Werewolf is Bird Talk by
Lambertson,which has Kelly Mitchell's Mildred Mitchell as parent. Mildred is in the parentage of  112
intros as of this writing.

The pollen parent, Ruffled Strawberry Parfait,the Reckamp-Klehm intro, has produced many fine
offspring--77 as of this writing.

Bombogeneisis refers to a rapidly intensifying area of low pressure—a bomb cyclone. It has to do with
how fast a storm intensifies, not necessarily the ultimate size. I like the way the word rolls off the
tongue-lol. This is a good daylily that blooms for a long time.