Binders Of Women--Howard 2013

(Photon Torpedo X Tet Skinwalker)
8"/45".MLa,Sev,Tet,UFo cascade- 20 buds,3 branches Tall
lavender/purple blend with darker halo,pale mid-rib and large yellow-green

Politicians have been known to say inane things,but this phrase from the
2012 presidential debates is one I thought should be memorialized. The
exact phrase used was actually "Binders full of women". It is sad that the
pay disparity between the genders even exists today. If you look at some
of the all-male institutions that have gotten into so much trouble in recent
years I think we could use a few more females in charge. I'd say more but
am trying to keep politics and daylilies separate--really.

This one is pollen fertile-pods are difficult but not impossible.I have gotten
some great selects from Curt Hanson's stuff and this tall imposing bloom
has a wing span of about 10" and a corresponding  large surface area..
Sold a lot of it the summer of 2015 at the Regional tour when it was
looking god in the garden....$75