Augie Krupien

                            Howard,R 2012 introduction

(Suzy Cream Cheese × Late Summer Fling)  5.75"/35"; 24 buds; 4-way
branching. La,Dor,Dip -UFO cascade---pale melon self with cream midribs,
peach halo and yellow green throat. Blooms till late Sept-early October here.
Easily fertile both ways. $25
Augie Krupien of Bethany,Ct  hybridized
daylilies for over 20 years and  introduced
several very beautiful daylilies. Augie passed
away on August 6,2007 at the age of 91.He was one of
the nicest people I have ever met in the daylily
world,and I was fortunate to be able to have lunch with
him frequently, where we would talk about his favorite
flower. His Late Summer Fling is the pollen parent of
his namesake. We miss you Augie!!