A Charm of Hummingbirds--Howard 2016

(Great Red Dragon X Emerald Starburst)
4-way branching,20 buds

Tall red with an intense green throat. Fertile both ways. Will sometimes poly and/or
show extra petaloid tissue. Not sure if this is the influence of the mama or papa.
George Doorakian's lines have polymerous tendencies. Jamie  Gossard's "green"
spidery lines have done all sorts of crazy things. The real strong features of this
one are the height and vivid colors. The contrast between the red petals and green
throat is very eye-catching.

Birding enthusiasts may know that a group of hummingbirds is called a charm.
We are fortunate to have many of these beautiful creatures visit our gardens
each summer. Some get stuck in the greenhouse and I have to lure them
out--usually with a pot of fuchsia I'll place on the ground near the doorway. Luckily,
so far our pups have not snagged one!

Fertile both ways.......$75/SF