CT Daylily 2018 Introductions
Diploid introduction
Hungry Heart
Tet Unusual Forms
Tet Pattern
Tet Teeth and Ruffles
Trophic Cascade
Shut The Front Door!
Runnin' Down a Dream
Fran Harding
Hungry Like The Wolf
Space Cowboy
Made in Connecticut
The Crazy Plant Lady
You're Fired!
This year we have 11 introductions--one Dip and 10 Tets. I am not crazy about a lot of the names that many hybridizers
use--they are too generic and show a lack of imagination. I like names that people can relate to--songs that were
popular during a point in their life, pop culture,pets and the headlines. All plants have been grown outside without any
protection in our Zone 6-5b climate.

We stand behind everything we sell. We try to select plants that have good traits. In the coming years we will have
more emphasis on patterns,but our interests are many and this is reflected in our introductions. Hope you can find
something you like!

I have tried to include multiple images and pics of the scapes. Unfortunately,I can't locate scape images of all of them.

All names have been approved by AHS.