CT Daylily 2017 Introductions
This year we have 16 introductions-one diploid and 15 tetraploid. Of the Tets,we have nine toothy
intros. We also have two Tet full-formed intros and four Tet Ufo's.

You can see how good a parent our toothy 2011 intro,Wallingford Woolly Bully,has been. We have four
intros from WWB. It has genetics from Fran Harding,Darrell Apps, Oscie Whatley,Reckamp-Klehm and
Curt Hanson. Many of its kids have shown toothy mid-rib cresting,although not frequently enough to
have registered them as such. I like the look and am continuing to pursue it.

I like whimsical names that revolve around the things I am passionate about--our dogs,music,and pop
culture. All names have been approved by AHS. Click on each image for more info!

Collection pricing:
All nine Toothies-$750 ($1,000 priced individually)

All Four Tet UFo's--$275 ($400 priced individually)

All sixteen plants--$1000 ( $1700 priced individually) Such a deal!!! I only have a few full collections
available. This is only $66.67 per plant--some DF's!!!
Partying With The Village People
Bucky Beaver
Blondes Have More Fun
Cecil The Lion
My Ruffy
Scorpion Tail
Draped in Grape
So Cold
Stippled Shark
You Had Me at Woof
A Convocation Of Eagles
Disco Inferno
Flash Mob
Twisting By The Pool
Diploid Introduction
Toothy Tets
Full Formed Tets