CT Daylily 2015 Introductions
Where has the last year gone? It seems like I was just posting our 2014 intros.I like to think I get a little smarter
each year--not sure that is happening. I do know that I have changed,and so has what I like in daylilies.

I believe to make progress with a hybridizing program one needs to focus and I am going to emphasize Tet patterns
and teeth.I may still fool around with some green dips-have made progress in that arena.I have effectively ceased
hybridizing with UFo's. It's not that I don't like them,it's that progress thing. We only have so much room in the yard.
In accordance with Murphy's law I have probably seen more progress in my UFo program than any other facet of
what I do. I would have registered more of this genre but I forgot to take spider measurements this summer.

This year we are introducing 10 daylilies. All are Tets. Most are in short supply.I like whimsical names that revolve
around the things I am passionate about--our dogs,music,and pop culture. All names have been approved by AHS.

If purchased separately total price is $1150. All nine can be yours for the collection price of  $895 with free shipping
in the Continental USA--a savings of over $250.

Click on each image for more info.
Big Dog
Don't Call Me Shirley
Geordi's Blue Eye
Job Creator
Polar Vortex
The Bird is The Word
Wiggle Butt
Tramps Like Us