Pawprints On My Heart
 (Howard,R,--2012 introduction)

(Waiting in the Wings X Golly Wally)
Lavender cream bi-color spider with chevron patterned eye and green throat
7.5"/33"--E,Dor, Tet -35 buds,3-4 way branching--have seen bud counts over 50.  
Passes on branching and bud count and early bloom to its offspring. Fertile both ways.
Vigorous----fast increaser.
.Makes small-medium size plants,Has been tested in Zone
4.  Dedicated to all those wonderful pets that touch our hearts. Can be used to breed  
earlies, bi-colors, spiders/UFO's, patterns or just to enhance bud count and branching.
$35 clump
Below are some seedlings (first year blooms) from
Pawprints On My Heart. Virtually all bloom early like
their parent,and show at least two laterals.
Pawprints On My Heart
Augie Krupien
here for
Blooms before most everything else
Mature clump